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Proposed Key Activities

by admin last modified Jan 15, 2014 11:32 AM

The previous two phases of the SA PPLPP programme (Phase 1 from 2006 to March 2009 and Phase 2 from April 2009 to June 2012) focused on the identification and documentation of good practices and grass-root interventions supporting smallholder livestock rearing. In addition, a few policy dialogue and advocacy activities were initiated. A major learning that emerged from SA PPLPP’s work in the previous phases is the need to support and strengthen smallholder livestock rearing initiatives ‘on the ground’.

The third phase of the programme, that commenced in July 2012, focuses on select regions in India, where small ruminant rearing and smallholder poultry rearing are key livelihood activities for the rural poor. 

Proposed priority activities in these selected regions include:

  • Building collaborations and partnerships to strengthen field implementation and state/ national policy frameworks for small-holder livestock development programmes (primarily smallholder poultry rearing and small ruminant rearing).
  • Facilitate an improved translation of policy and programme design to strengthen field interventions. These include activities to identify and document field practices that have demonstrated positive outcomes on the livelihoods of the rural poor, sector studies including reviews and analysis of smallholder livestock related value chains and the monitoring and impact assessment of livestock policies and programmes. 
  • Continue the identification and documentation of small-holder livestock rearing interventions that have improved nutrition and income security of the rural poor, detail the institutional frameworks that have enabled the success of these interventions (such as the formation of collectives, producer companies, cooperatives, SHGs etc.), costs, resources required and risks associated with up-scaling, including to other geographical regions. Priority sectors for documentation would be smallholder poultry rearing and small ruminant rearing. The geographical focus of documentation would be India. 
  • Knowledge sharing and information dissemination through the interactive and knowledge based website ( will continue and new content by way of completed documentation, news stories, case studies and information regarding government schemes and programmes will be up-loaded to the website.